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    Episode 8: Staying Inspired with Emily Reinhardt

    The Object Enthusiast is now a household name for ceramics, but it wasn't always Emily's dream to own her own studio. From stumbling into ceramics, fighting through the doubts and recognizing you have the will to make something great, to the constant battle with balance in social media - Emily gives some amazing advice to all creatives.

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    Episode 5: Running for a Government Office with Megan Hunt

    We talk with Megan Hunt about her legislative bid for Omaha's District 8. As an entrepreneur and small business owner, mom, and community activist, Megan has a lot on her plate and has advice to give other women looking to run for office.

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    Episode 4: Managing Work and Personal Goals with Adriana Cisneros Basulto

    Trying to figure out what that "balance" everyone talks about between your work and personal life? Adriana breaks it down with one simple question: why not? We explore how to achieve what balance means for you by figuring out what success feels like for you at the end of the day.

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    Episode 3: Living with Autoimmune Diseases

    In this episode, we talk to Caitlin Wedding about her life with autoimmune diseases, the tools she uses to get through her day, and finding relationships that support you.

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    Episode 2: A Journey to a Whole-Hearted Life with Niki Zap!

    Self-care is a hot topic right now - but how are we truly living a whole-hearted life? Niki and I talk about being vulnerable with ourselves, as well as others, being kind to ourselves, and how being in our 30's is way better than we ever thought it'd be.

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    Episode 1: Setting Your Vision with Angela McGraw

    Welcome to Sorosis' first episode! We're talking to Angela McGraw, goal-setting bad @$$. Angela has won body building competitions, beauty competitions, earned a master's degree, scored a book deal, and so much more. Listen for Angela's simple advice to achieve your own vision.